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Green Gold: Farming in the Winter Garden Area

Located inside the bookstore.

Green Gold - Farming in the Winter Garden Area is a wonderfully rich exhibit that immerses visitors in the history and culture of early farmers in the region. Read how the abundance of water helped farmers prosper. Learn how many varieties of crops are harvested more than once a year in the mild climate. Plunk a nickel in a vintage slot machine to try your luck at winning a good crop by avoiding disasters like hail, insects, drought, or extreme weather. Take your photo with a giant watermelon. Look through a video microscope to see what a research scientist might see.

The 1600 square foot exhibit is full of great regional history, historic photographs and artifacts. Visitors will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for the work by farms to bring crops to market.

Wow, this exhibit looks like it came straight out of the Smithsonian!