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Mendell Morgan awarded Librarian of the Year by TLA

We are very pleased to announce that Mendell Morgan was named Librarian of the Year for 2024 by the Texas Library Association. 

Story can be found on the front page of the Uvalde Leader-News for Sunday, April 21, 2024, for more details.

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"Uvalde library offers joy, relief after Texas school shooting"

"Uvalde's public library is becoming a hub of "hope and inspiration" for a community coping with a fatal shooting of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School by providing fun kids activities and counseling on grief. The director of El Progreso Memorial Library, Mendell Morgan, sees the building as a neutral safe place for those directly or indirectly effected by the shooting to explore ways to discuss the tragedy or to get their mind off things.

Thousands of unsolicited gifts have been flooding into the Uvalde library including children's books, care packages and money to support programs."

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"Uvalde considers how namesake of Robb Elementary should be remembered after the school is torn down"

"In the midst of their grief, Uvalde residents are also considering new ways to still honor Annie Robb — the school's namesake.

Some community members are determined to recover the educator's noble legacy from the shadow of unforgettable tragedy."

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"A local public library helps Uvalde families after the school shooting"

"The residents of Uvalde, Texas are doing everything possible to deal with the emotional scars left by this week's deadly school shooting.

Prayer services are being held, and the family members of victims are receiving counseling."

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"Uvalde Library Works to Help Kids Heal as ‘Hub of Hope and Inspiration'"

"Uvalde's public library is becoming a hub of "hope and inspiration" for a community coping with the fatal shooting at Robb Elementary School by providing kids activities and counseling on grief."

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"This year Oklahoma City welcomed Tammie Sinclair, an archivist, out of a library in Uvalde, Texas.

"In our archives, we have newspapers, we have photos, we have artwork," said Sinclair.

Tammie said she's thankful that she could connect to those here in the city and hopes to take what she learned back to Uvalde.

"We are trying to make the collection meaningful for the families. So how can we take this community experience and bring it back to our community," said Sinclair."

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